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Winds - Measuring ocean winds from space
Education Overview
"Winds of Change" CD - is an interactive educational CD-ROM designed as a science curriculum resource for middle school teachers. The CD focuses on the topics of oceans, weather, and the earth's atmosphere. In addition it presents information about the NASA Scatterometer mission. The disc contains images, QuickTime movies, and text information written by professional curriculum writers. Text information is organized into background information files that describe in detail a particular topic, and classroom activities that can be used to support the teaching of a topic. Due to a limited supply, this CD may be ordered directly by emailing us at

catch the wind
"Catch the Wind: The QuikSCAT Story," is a video and resource guide, designed to inspire and motivate students to get involved in science and technology, and to enhance their instruction in key scientific and mathematical concepts and skills. The video, designed for grades 6-12, gives students a behind-the-scenes look at engineers, scientists and technicians working together to solve problems and successfully accomplish goals. The activities in the companion resource guide are designed to be used in science and math classes. This video can be ordered at

resource guide
"Catch the Wind: The QuikSCAT Story," Video Resource Guide. Although the activities in this guide can stand alone, we do recommend that the teacher first show the video in the classroom to establish the context of these activities and projects, and to motivate student interest in them. The "Catch the Wind" video is suitable for students age 11 to adult, and the activities in this guide are designed to be used in mathematics and science classes grades 6 through 12.

"Catch the Wind: The QuikSCAT Story," Video Resource Guide (PDF, 716 KB)

SeaWinds Educational CD - The SeaWinds CD is an educational resource for teaching weather and climate to students of grades 6-9. The material can be adapted for use at other grade levels as well. The CD explores the topics of atmosphere, oceans, and their interaction with the Sun and the part they play in the formation of weather and climate.

NASA Images Bring Planets, Weather, Geology to Classrooms:

Fit the giant planet Jupiter and its moons into your classroom. Explore the peaks and valleys of the ocean's floor without getting all wet. Travel to distance galaxies and back in one class period. Experience the excitement of a gravity-free environment by watching an astronaut eat floating M&Ms.

Nearly 100 images - from Buzz Aldrin taking a walk on the moon to colliding galaxies to the volcano of Mt. Etna, Italy - are available through NASA's educational Web site The Space Place ( for classroom use. The pictures featured help bring a number of topics alive, including the Solar System, weather, geology and geography.

Educators can access "Goodies for Teachers" by clicking on the schoolhouse icon on The Space Place home page. There, teachers can choose Earth- and space-related printable pictures in the following categories: Solar System; Earth (Geography and Mapping, Oceans, Volcanoes, Weather); Astronauts; Stars, Galaxies and Nebulae; and Rockets, Space Shuttles, International Space Station, Rovers.

Within each category are several images from which to choose. Teachers can click on the small image to view it in a larger format. To print a clean copy (without browser information on the page), save the .jpg file (File/Save As) to the hard drive or a disk, and open and print it using any paint program (Photoshop, Windows Paint, PowerPoint, Macpaint, etc.) The image file can also be placed into a word processor, such as Microsoft Word, document for printing.

The Space Place includes images and curriculum for use in the classroom, as well as discovery-based learning activities for students to do on their own. For more information about The Space Place and "Goodies for Teachers," contact Nancy Leon at

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