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Winds - Measuring ocean winds from space
Status Reports
Status Report for Week of 09/16/01

SeaWinds on ADEOS II Mission
The ADEOS-II spacecraft containing the SeaWinds CDS and SES, departed Tsukuba Space Center (TKSC) on September 19 by van and arrived at New Tsuchiura Port where it was loaded onto a canal boat. The canal boat departed September 19 and scheduled for arrival at Chyoshi Port on September 21. The support equipment also left TKSC on September 19 by van and is scheduled to arrive at Chyoshi Port on September 21.

The ADEOS-II spacecraft and support equipment are scheduled to leave Chyoshi Port by ship on September 22 and to arrive in Tanegashima Shimama Port on September 25. The support equipment is scheduled to leave Tanegashima Shimama Port by van on September 25 and to arrive at Tanegashima Space Center (TNSC) on September 25. The spacecraft is scheduled to leave Tanegashima Shimama Port by van on September 27 and to arrive at TNSC on September 27 where it will be unpacked and inspected. The spacecraft is scheduled to be re-assembled from October 1 through October 13.

A JPL team will be at TNSC from Oct 3 to Oct 12 to reinstall the SAS and set up SeaWinds support equipment in preparation for launch site activities.

Status Report for the Week of 08/29/01

SeaWinds on ADEOS II Mission
NASDA's first H-2A launch vehicle was successfully launched on August 29. The launch sequence occurred precisely according to plan. The sequence included two firings of the second stage to demonstrate its restart capability. The payload was a "vehicle evaluation payload" consisting of sensors and equipment to evaluate the rocket's performance and the final resulting orbit. JPL project personnel were in attendance at the launch.

After the launch, the ADEOS-II Deputy Program Manager confirmed the ADEOS-II schedule for shipment from Tsukuba Space Center to Tanegashima Space Center in September 2001 and launch for February 2002.

The Scatterometer Project successfully conducted an Algorithm Review at JPL on August 22-23, 2001. The purpose of the review was to insure that the Ground Data Processing System algorithms are in place to allow the generation of wind data products as soon after ADEOS-II/SeaWinds launch as possible. Project Engineering presented a review of the preliminary SeaWinds Pre-launch Calibration/Validation Plan.

Status Report for the Week of 03/26/99

SeaWinds on ADEOS II Mission
NASA/JPL formally delivered the SeaWinds flight scatterometer instrument to the National Space Development Agency of Japan's (NASDA's) Advanced Earth Observing Satellite (ADEOS) - II on Wednesday, March 31, 1999. The delivery is part of an international agreement between NASA, NASDA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to acquire and distribute environmental data. The SeaWinds instrument was mechanically installed onto the ADEOS II spacecraft on Thursday, April 1 at NASDA's Tsukuba Space Center. A formal delivery ceremony was conducted at NASDA headquarters in Tokyo on Thursday, April 1. In the ceremony, NASA, JPL and NASDA representatives signed a certificate acknowledging delivery of the flight instrument in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding between the organizations. On Friday, April 2, a general program meeting was held for all ADEOS-II international partners at Tsukuba. As part of the program meeting, participants toured the Tuskuba Space Center's spacecraft assembly and test area, and the ADEOS II spacecraft. Meeting participants included:

Mr. Ken Ford
Mr. Gib Kirkum
Mr. Benn Martin
Mr. Charlie Yamarone
Mr. Jim Graf
Mr. Kent Kellogg
Mr. Ueno
Mr. Kurosaki
Mr. Yoshimura
Mr. Tomita
Mr. Kawata
Mr. Inada
Ceremony of SeaWinds Delivery, NASDA HQ, Tokyo
Ceremony 1: SeaWinds Delivery Ceremony, NASDA HQ, Tokyo.
Participants (left to right) Benn Martin (JPL), Charlie Yamarone (JPL), Jim Graf (JPL), Ken Ford (NASA), Mr. Kurosaki (NASDA), Mr. Yoshimura (NASDA) and Mr. Tomita (NASDA)
Tsukuba Space Center - Tour of ADEOS II Spacecraft Area
Instrument Table Rollout
04/02/99 Tsukuba Space Center: Tour of ADEOS II Spacecraft Area (Benn Martin (JPL, Earth Science Flight Experiments Program Manager) and Jim Graf (JPL, Scatterometer Program Manager)
Instrument-Table Rollout: 03/31/99 Preparing SeaWinds for installation onto ADEOS II (left to right: Don Starkey (JPL), Dave Rice (JPL) & Jim Pearson (JPL)
Instrument on ADEOS II
SeaWinds on ADEOS II
Instrument on ADEOS II: 03/31/99 SeaWinds installed on ADEOS II; mission module rotated into vertical position
SeaWinds on ADEOS II: 03/31/99 SeaWinds installed on ADEOS II; mission module rotated into vertical position

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